Flying Classroom provides a STEM+ focused curriculum that promotes integrative student (explorers) learning through a project-based learning instructional model. All of our expeditions are based on the explorations of Captain Barrington Irving. Captain Irving ventures to all corners of the world and explores a problem plaguing the global community.

Then, students (explorers) engage in a three-part expedition unit. Each expedition unit includes three lessons: Engage, Explore and Innovate. Explorers are provided the opportunity to engage in literacy tasks, solve mathematical scenarios, learn about cultures, explore geography and participate in a virtual field trip via the expedition. Explorers work collaboratively to design a solution to the global problem that Captain Irving has explored. They solve the posed problem by participating in a rigorous, real-world and relevant engineering design challenge that promotes collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking while employing an engineering design model (used as a guide for solving problems). Available expedition lessons can be accessed by our Lead Explorers across the globe.

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A Tiger Visits the Doctor

Explore veterinarian science and see what it is like to perform a check-up on a 300 lb. tiger.

Aerobatic Flight School

Fly along with Capt. Irving and a stunt pilot to learn about aerodynamics.

Animal Behaviors

Join Captain Irving as he investigates animal behaviors, characteristics and adaptations.

Animal Conservation

Learn about endangered species and conservation efforts through the red panda.


Plants and fish unite to create a balanced ecosystem in this aquaponics focused expedition.

Bionic Chef

Investigate the advancements of prosthetics and how the nervous system can control robotic limbs.

Build a Video Game

Technology and coding advances daily and plays a crucial role in the world of gaming.

Built by Kids

Learn about simple machines through the eyes of kids that are becoming engineers in middle school!

Camera Pill

Investigate the digestive system; liquids, solids and gases; and the wonder of medical advancements.

Captain Irving

Learn about Captain Irving and his inspiring career and life story.

Climate Change and Glaciers

Venture to a glacier with a glacial geochemist to learn about microbes.

Coral Reef Restoration

Scientists, artists and engineers unite to fight the impacts of dynamite fishing.

Deadly Life Savers - Sea Snakes

Take a virtual trip to Palau and learn how one of the deadliest snakes is now a crucial link to fighting diseases.

Ecosystems within the Amazon

Learn about the different layers within the Amazon Rainforest and how they support each other.

Erupt! Volcanic Science

Observe lava flows and volcanic processes as Captain Irving hovers over an active volcano.

Food Waste

Dumpster dive on this expedition that investigates food waste and methane gas.

Glaciers: The Alaskan Climate

Discover the unique Alaskan climate filled with glaciers, snow, ice and a constantly changing environment.


Explore the atmosphere from a unique perspective as Captain Irving jumps out of a plane at 35,000 feet.

Honey Bees: Need for Pollination

Investigate how bees and plant pollination serve a critical role in our food chain.

Invasive Lionfish

Join Captain Irving as he investigates a beautiful but dangerous invasive species, the lionfish.

Invasive Species vs. the Australian Ecosystem

Visit the "Land Down Under" to learn about the devastating impacts of an invasive species.

Jellyfish Lake

Captain Irving braves swimming with jellyfish to investigate animal adaptations.

King of the Amazon Food Web: Lance-Head Viper Snake

Learn how this deadly snake can save lives and watch Capt. Irving alongside Zoltan Takas track down this amazing snake.

Molecular Scanner

Captain Irving learns how the SCIO scanner can breakdown the molecular composition of any food item, medicine or plant.

Nike Technology Advancements

Travel to Nike to learn about the technological advancements behind athletics and sports medicine.

Power of Flight

Fly with Capt. Irving to learn how an airplane flies and about airplane design.

Red Tide

Join Captain Irving and Dr. Tracy Fanara as they investigate the devastating, but naturally occurring, Florida Red Tide

Regenerative Medicine

Visit Wake Forest University to research regenerative medicine as a way to grow organs without a donor.

Solar Eclipse

Chase a total solar eclipse from the skies with Captain Irving to learn about space.

STEM+ Principles and Understandings

Learn about STEM+, how to work collaboratively, communicate effectively and problem solve through STEM+.

Sustainable Cities

Visit Shanghai, China to understand how our cities are being impacted by a booming global population.

Urban Farming

Explore how a food computer can replicate crops from past eras and how it leads to sustainable agriculture.

Water Hydrodynamics

Nic Douglass (The Sailing Girl) and Capt. Irving sail in Sydney to investigate buoyancy and water hydrodynamics.

Weather and Flight Plans

Extreme weather impacts flights each day. Learn how pilots use flight plans to carefully navigate planes around the globe.